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Bodrum Candidate Locations
The distinguished village of Bodrum, with its unique beauty of nature, has its own unique view. Many people adorn their dreams, they are turning back to life. There is a story in Bodrum, there are other privileges. Bitez's mandarin gardens, Yalikavak daybreak, Göltürkbükü's hotels, Türkbükü beaches 'happy hour' entertainment, Gümüşlük's serenity ... Built in the 15th century by St. John Knights, Bodrum Castle is an underwater exhibit in antiquity. archeology museum. Bodrum Yacht Club, Doğuş and Gümüşhane, Ortakent, Bitez and many more are waiting to be visited in Bodrum.

Bodrum castle

The Bodrum Castle, which is the symbol of Bodrum and measured in the ancient city of Halikarnassos, the symbol of Bodrum, was built by the Knights of St. John. The 100 and 100-year-old cabbage on a small half is one of the best preserved wolves of the Middle Ages. There is a breathtaking view overlooking the Aegean Sea with its magnificent view of the houses in the bay. Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum is located in Bodrum Castle. The most visited address of Bodrum is the photos of Bodrum's vitrines.

2. Underwater Archeology Museum

Underwater Archeology Museum Bodrum

The Underwater Archeology Museum is home to the Eastern Mediterranean amphora collection. Today Bodrum Castle has the Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum. Turkey is the world's most famous museum of underwater archeology, underwater excavations and studies as well as the basement is among the bride and undiscovered works with excavation works on the ground floor. Unique to host underwater treasures, MS VII. A collection of important findings such as the 19th-century East Roman Ship, Uluburun West and Serçe Harbor West, a collection of the Serpentine Tower, Coin and Gems Hall, the Carian Princess, the English Tower, the Bronze Age Wrecks, the Dungeon and the Commander's Tower.

3. Bodrum Antique Theater
Bodrum Antique Theater, one of the oldest theaters of Anatolia, has a wonderful view overlooking Bodrum and Bodrum Castle in the fourth century. Located on the Bodrum-Turgutreis road, there are 13,000 spectators in the current flat of the capacity theater. The Rock Tombs of the Hellenistic and Roman giants are located on the theater and on the hillside.

4. Myndos Gate
Myndos Gate Bodrum Historical Places

Myndos Gate is an old fabric in Bodrum which is one of the entrance gates of Halikarnassos. Two monumental towers reached by the old kümbets and the united Australia formation.

5. Pedasa Ancient City
Places Between Bodrum and Pedasa Antique City

Pedasa Ancient City The ancient city of Leleg, about 4 kilometers away from Bodrum, is the best preserved place everyday. Today, there are domed tombs made of dry wall technique, similar to graves, in the order called Gölkeçeler. Dated 1919-1921, Geometric Period. The tombs consist of a single room situated on a small platform with local stone technique. Convenient places in Bodrum.

6. Traditional Bodrum Houses
Bodrum Houses

Bodrum Bodrum, Bodrum Houses can be seen in Ortakent in Ortaklı, concentrated in Kocakaya village from Gümüşlük. These charming houses, which are entered with windowless floors, second rooms and goods or bridges, are under protection. One of the houses is Zeki Müren, who spent his last years in Bodrum and died after he died.

7. Gümüşlük
Gumusluk Bodrum Travel Guide

Gümüşlük is a town with a small town, one of the oldest residential units of the peninsula, related to the addresses of the ancient city of Mydos. The old harbor that connects Rabbit Island to the mainland. The richness of the flora structure related to Gümüşlük famous for its clear sea and fish. Gumusluk's restaurants are so popular.

8. Yalıkavak
Yalikavak Bodrum Beaches

It is 18 km away from Bodrum and Yalikavak is a popular seaside town in Bodrum. Another feature of Yalikavak, famous for its windmills, sea, fish and citrus fruit, is a spongebob neighborhood, which is at the beginning and the most famous sponges.